by Apollymi

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Word Count: 235
Sources: A Latin-English/English-Latin Dictionary Client (Java)

Let's start this off properly...

Magic is real.

Well, not that sleight-of-hand bullshit, of course. A four-year-old with a good eye can catch most stage 'magicians' tricks. Real magic, though, is more elusive. As it was put to me, you're not going to find the average real magician setting up in a storefront in the big city; it's a good deal more underground, like through this guy that a friend of a friend's brother's girlfriend's knows.

But then, I've never exactly been average in any sense of the word. That's why I've got a little shop set up. It might be in the worst part of town (that's the only way I can afford the rent, and even that's scraping the bottom of the barrel most months), but it's mine. And maybe one day I'll turn a profit there and not at the midnight till eight a.m. grocery bagging that pays the rent. If Howie could see me now... Well, he'd probably tear me a new one then congratulate me on my ingenuity. I've always been a forward thinker.

So that's the set-up. Yes, magic is real. Maybe you can even turn a profit on it. Forget all the bullshit out there. This isn't Barely Legal Teenaged Sorcerers Gone Wild 3 or anything - and I'm damn sure no Harry Potter.

I'm Duo Maxwell of Maxwell's Magical Services... and this is where the story starts.

12 May 2006

Like I needed another project... Anyway, Duo started whispering to me around hour three of a five hour car trip on May 9. When I got to my destination, I continued to ignore him rather than start another story. After a day, it moved to mental pokings... then the next day it was shouting. Today, all I heard was "Don't make me get Shinigami after your ass." Given that I named my car Shinigami... It seemed like a good point to give in.

So here I am... with another story.

And a note on the title: Fortis is Latin for "chance, fortune, luck" but also "steadfast, courageous, powerful". I'll let you figure out which meaning I'm intending.

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