Cursed Gold
Chapter Six
by Katsuko

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I never did make it home. The cleaning service came over not ten minutes before I finished my walk through, so I let them in before finishing my rounds. Since usually a team of fifteen arrives, it only takes a few hours for them to hit the main areas of the mansion. When they left it was close to two o'clock, so I called Ryou to let him know I was okay.

And then I curled up on Seto's bed to take a nap.

No, not next to him, though that would have been nice. I stretched out across the foot of the bed--damned thing's big enough that I can lay across it comfortably and not hang off either side.

I'm drawn out of sleep by the mattress shifting beneath me. Usually I ignore things like that but since I'm napping with the undead it's not something I'd expect. I open one eye just enough to peer through my lashes to find Seto staring at me in surprise. Guess it's close to sunset; if I know Seto he's probably beaten it by at least five minutes.

After a moment he slides off the bed and crosses to the desk, picks up the phone and dials. I open my eyes completely and grin as I catch sight of the laptop, right on the nightstand where I left it. For some reason I'm feeling rather devious. Wonder if Yami'd like a pass code...?

"What the hell is your tomcat doing in my bedroom?" Seto demands; I settle back on the bed and close my eyes to peer through my lashes once more. He half-turns my way, looking a little confused as he says, "Look, I just--"

Seto winces and turns towards the desk again. While his back's turned I move to the laptop and cut it on. I keep one ear on this end of the conversation as I work.

"I'm on speaker phone, aren't I?" Not surprising; for some reason, that's how we answer it most of the time. I hear a soft click before Seto continues with, "Why the fuck is your pet in my bedroom?!"

Whoa, was that jealousy when he said 'your'? Maybe I've got a chance after all. Smirking to myself I open the files to the mansion's security system.

"Oh. He's over there all the time," Ryou's voice comes over the speaker. In the background I hear Dorobou snickering and roll my eyes, since I'm pretty sure of what's coming.

"You could watch the language, Treeboy, but the phrasing's too good for me to ignore."



Aaaand Ryou and Yami speaking in unison is almost as creepy as when the twins do it. Almost.

Dorobou obviously ignores them: "Most 'normal' people do fuck in bedrooms."

Seto sighs, then backtracks. "He what?"

Ryou's the one who answers as I find the program I was looking for: "Jyonouchi-kun usually spends the days he's not in school over there."

"How did the three of you even get in this morning?" Seto sounds annoyed. I shake my head and start to enter the codes to ass a person into the system.

"Kitty has a pass code," Dorobou says nonchalantly. I snicker softly at the confusion now coming from Seto.

"I never gave him a pass code"

"He hacked your system, with a bit of help from me, and made his own." Heh, yep, my birthday! "Gave me one, too."

"Please tell me Mutou doesn't have one."


Ha! Does now! I tap in the last bit of code before announcing, "Your pass code's Yuugi's birthday."

Seto turns around so fast that I'm almost afraid he'll knock the desk over. Luckily he's got that vampire grace thing down and doesn't even bump it. His expression is that 'what the fuck' version of his and his scent is giving off surprise and confusion. It's very, very hard not to laugh right now.

"Wha--when did you wake up?" he demands, schooling his expression to one of neutral disdain. I'm not fooled; his scent is still confused and now has a little curiosity thrown in.

"When you kicked me," I reply with a shrug before turning my gaze back to the screen. Might as well run a scan while I'm at it....

"Have a good day, Kitty?" Dorobou asks, sounding amused. At almost the same instant Seto demands, "Why didn't you get up, then?"

I answer Dorobou first. "Yeah. Talked to Akiko for a while and made sure no one was hiding on the grounds. And because you're cute when you're confused."

I can hear Dorobou and Yami laughing, Ryou's own snicker slightly muffled, and catch a thread of embarrassment in Seto's scent. If he'd fed recently he'd be blushing. Which reminds me--

"You guys're coming over soon, ne?"

"Yeah. Want us to bring you something?" I can't help grinning; Dorobou still thinks I'm too skinny and makes sure I eat often.

"Please. Anything rare but not mooing."

"All right. We'll bring over what little we've learned today, too."

"If you are all done wasting time," Seto cuts in, "I need to make some other calls. Be here within the hour, I should have something by then."

"Don't hurt yourself," Yami replied, and I resist the urge to smack my head down on the laptop. I think it would kill them to be nice to one another.

Seto hangs up without even offering a smart remark and turns to glare at me. I ignore the look and shut down the program I was using before glancing up.

"You need a keeper."

Somehow I keep from snickering at the shocked expression on his face. It's just too damn cute, makes me wanna bite him. And for the record, that's a good thing when it comes to me.

"Excuse me?!"

"I didn't stutter," I reply as I put the laptop back on the nightstand. "You need a keeper or a pomme de sang or someone to make sure you feed like you're supposed to."

"I feed," he snaps back.

"Once a night," I acknowledge. "All the vamps I know feed twice a night. There's even one in my building that feeds three times in one night."

"I'm not like most vampires."

"I know. You're more aggravating." Heh, Seto actually snarls at me on that one. I can't help but snicker. "But you're bitable so I can forgive one little character flaw."

He stares at me like I've lost what little mid he thinks I have. "I'm... what?"

Mmmm... confusion, hope and slight arousal is a good smell on him. I have to do things like this more often! "Bitable," I repeat. "You're kinda sexy in a 'don't fuck with me' way and you smell really good. I like."

Seto looks amused. "So your entire basis for... 'liking' me is the fact that I smell good."

"No." I bite back a grin at the flicker of surprise in his eyes. "I liked you before I was turned. I just like you more now."

"Oh." Cool, I think I rendered him speechless. No one ever said I was subtle. Well, except that one time, but what Dorobou actually said was that I'm about as subtle as a freight train so that doesn't count... does it?

Seto seems to recover quickly, moving towards his closet to get a change of clothes. As nice as it might be to sit and watch him strip down--mmm, mental image, mustn't drool--I stand and walk out into the hall. If I know Seto he'll try to skip out on feeding, so I figure that I'll make damn sure he gets both 'meals' tonight.

I'm halfway down the hall when I pick up the scent of new-fallen snow. Without even turning around I say, "Good evening, Mokuba."

"How'd you know I was here?" I turn at the voice and almost snicker at the kid's confuddled expression. Only sixteen and an inch taller than me. Cute as a button, though. All the girl-type (not to mention a few boy-type) vamps'll love him.

"Smelled you," I say with a shrug. He looks and smells more confused so I add, "Were. Name's Jyonouchi."

And I fucking swear he lights up like a damned Christmas tree. "Oh, the one Niisama went to school with." He tilts his head to one side, black hair falling in his eyes. "How'd you get in?"

"Gave myself a pass code." Heh, Mokuba looks impressed. Somehow I just know he likes me already. "Been up long?"

"Couple of minutes," he admits. "I was just going to get, um, breakfast."

"Good, then you can show me where you keep the bloodbags. Someone skipped a meal last night."



Forty minutes and one conversation about kitchen disasters later (turns out Seto is responsible for that scorch mark on the kitchen ceiling... who knew?) I find myself once again wondering why I love this pain in the ass.

"Sit your skinny ass down and drink the damn O-positive," I growl out, knowing I'm dangerously close to prying his mouth open and pouring it down his throat.

Seto glares back. "You are neither my mother nor my keeper," he replies; I'm almost proud to note that his infamous control slipped some ten minutes ago and I'm seeing fang with every word. "Therefore, I'll feed when I feel like it."

"But Niisama, you've skipped four feedings this week!" Mokuba whines. Have I mentioned that I love this kid? He's been my backup from the second we relocated Seto in his office.

A sigh. "Mokuba, I'll feed when I have time. Right now--"

"Is perfect." I don't give him time to retort, literally pouncing and knocking him back into his chair. I straddle his lap (on a side note, this will fuel about a month's worth of wet dreams) and pin his arms down. "Now drink up, Seto, or I'll have Mokuba go get a funnel."

"Hell, I'll get it for you."

If it were possible Seto would be bright red. Trust Dorobou to walk in on us in this compromising position. I turn my head to see my brother smirking at us and Yami giving Seto the death glare from hell. Mokuba just looks confused.

"Didn't know you were that kinky, Kitty," Dorobou adds, and I'm once more treated to the sight of Yami smacking himself in the face. I roll my eyes; sometimes that's all you can do where Dorobou's concerned.

"Seto's being a stubborn jackass," I say instead. "He apparently thinks he's indestructible."

"Niisama claims he's too busy to feed," Mokuba adds; I'd like to note that at least one Kaiba is sensible enough to drink his meal, since the kid's been doing so this whole time.

Dorobou spares him a glance. "You must be the kid brother," he says after a moment.

"I'm not a kid, I'm sixteen."

"I call my twin a kid," Dorobou shrugs before turning to Seto again. "Let's make a deal. You feed, I'll tell you what I found."

Seto looks mad enough to spit nails, but his curiosity is too strong. After glowering at us all for a minute he snatched the mug from me and downs half of it. I can't help but purr slightly, his scent's already a tad more 'healthy' than it was. Mokuba snickers softly; apparently he trusts his senses and has picked up on my contentment and his brother's aroused frustration. I stand up and lean on the desk, shooting the kid a grin before turning my attention to Dorobou.

"So, you find anything, Treeboy?"

Seto glares at Dorobou but finishes off the mug before replying: "All I've discovered is that half the vampires in this city are idiots."

"I know, I'm in the room with one," Yami grumbles, ignoring it when the glare is turned towards him. I notice that Mokuba has made a strategic retreat. I doubt we'll see him again tonight for some reason.

"What about you, Dorobou?" I ask. "Any luck?"

"All of it bad." I frown slightly until Dorobou adds, "Tokyo."

...fuck fuck fuckity fuck. The twins have told me enough for me to know that that city is synonymous with Hell for them.

"What about Tokyo?" Seto asks, expression neutral. His scent, however, says that he noted Dorobou's... discomfort and is somewhat concerned. Hardass Kaiba Seto? Hardly; now I'm remembering why I love the guy.

"That's where the answer is," Dorobou says. "I hate Tokyo."


"He has his reasons," I reply for him, my tone leaving no room for argument. "We going tonight?"

"Yeah. We're wasting a ticket, though. Someone"--here he shoots Yami a 'die already' look--"decided that Mini-Me shouldn't come with just in case it gets rough, so that leave you, me and His Highness here."

...who the hell is 'Mini-Me'? I have the feeling I should ask, but maybe after we get back.

"What time does our train leave?"

I know I'm not the only one surprised. Yami looks like someone hit him with a brick, Dorobou just looks annoyed, and I have the feeling that if there was a mirror in here I'd see I'm doing that damned 'confused cat' expression of mine again. It can't help matters that a puzzled miow slips out.

Seto looks at us calmly. "Well?"



After the longest ten minute ride in history (Seto plus Yami in a small enclosed space plus an already annoyed Dorobou equals a very uncomfortable silence) we arrive at the train station with barely a minute to spare. And the only reason we had that much time was because I carried Yami and shoved Seto to get them to move faster since they were fucking strolling to the damn train.

Needless to say, neither Dorobou nor myself are too happy at the moment. He looks like he's ready to kill one or both of the idiots seated across from us; hopefully they can behave themselves long enough for Dorobou to calm down a bit. I lean against him slightly and am contemplating lying down when Yami turns to glare at Seto.

"You're on my side."

"Really? I don't see your name on it."

What the fuck?! Are they twenty and eighteen or five?! Now Dorobou looks even more pissed off. I quickly move from my seat next to my brother and drop in between the two, shooting each an annoyed glare.

"Shut the fuck up and maybe I won't make this the most miserable hour and a half of your lives," I snarl; and yes, I'm so aggravated that I've got a light layer of fur covering my body. They're just lucky I'm keeping my claws sheathed.

Seto and Yami both fall silent and I notice Dorobou relaxes slightly. Hoping that the matter is settled, I close my eyes and will myself to calm.

The 'peace' lasts for all of two minutes.

"Happy now?" Yami grumbles across me.

"No," Seto sneers in response. "I still have to smell you."

My 'friend' sniffs loudly. "Better than the stench of death I smell," he retorts.

I growl and feel my claws and fangs sharpen. I'm going to kill the pair of them, love 'em or not.

"Kitty, scoot." I move half-onto Seto's lap just as Dorobou drops between myself and Yami. I can smell his frustration and discomfort with the whole situation. If I wasn't currently pissed off I'd try to calm him down. Seto starts to say something, only to abruptly shut his mouth when Dorobou pulls out one of his knives (he's got at least three on him at all times) and stabs it into the armrest. Yami has a deer in the headlights expression and keeps glancing between the knife, Dorobou and me, while Seto is sporting his WTF look once more.

"That," my brother snarls, "goes through the next one who opens his mouth." He pauses very briefly before continuing, "Kitty gets to eat the other one."

The next hour and twenty-three minutes are thankfully silent.

Not a happy Werekitty, is he? Chapter Seven coming soon.

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