by Katsuko

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It never ceases to amaze me how things seem to fall into place anymore.

No more than a week after the Tokyo P.D. paid us a visit, Seto started in on me about picking up another language: English. Since I've developed the tendency to just smile and nod when he pulls these stunts, I went along and took the damned lessons. Neither Malik nor Marik was terribly pleased, but both kept their mouths shut about it... for the most part. I've gotten adept at ignoring the whining.

...although even I wondered what the fuck was up when Seto pushed for French lessons after I had a firm understanding of English. I demanded answers, and hell if I didn't get them. I mean, damn, I knew that there were (and still are) some pretty strong emotional ties between us, but having the Master Vampire of Domino and head of Kaiba Corporation say that he doesn't trust anyone else to manage his company during the daylight hours still threw me for a loop. Even my arguing that I don't have a head for... hell, any manner of business didn't convince him, so after another three months I gave in.

Right around then was when the twins and I relocated ourselves and my Leopards to the boathouse. It's right on the property, the lake is a godsend on full moon nights, and there's more than enough room for five full-grown Weres and a Werekitten or two to run around in any form they please. Although sometimes I think Malik just wishes Rafael had a bit more modesty and would stop wandering around naked all the time.

Add to this that at the same godsbedamned time I was dealing with another new arrival to my pard and you'll get that I was frazzled. Thank whomever that Marik had the sense to leave me alone when I started snarling at shadows. It's been almost a year and I'm still seeing assassins around every corner. Although Seth claims there aren't anymore coming after Dorobou, I'll believe it when another few months have gone by.

Oh, yeah. I mentioned a new addition. Not more than a month after the trio showed up on the doorstep, some old friend of Jiichan's came around asking for a favour. Said favour turned out to be taking in his fifteen year old granddaughter, who'd had a bit of a run-in with one of the American Wereleopard population. Come to find out the kid had somehow snuck her way into a college party, passed herself off as nineteen (don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure that one out), got a more than a little tipsy and wound up getting screwed over in more ways than one. Grandpa Dearest couldn't handle her, so he went looking for someone to foist her off on.

And apparently Jiichan said he could stop by the house with him since on the usual Mutou Family Day two people and a stuck-up kit showed up. The kitten did not make a great impression on anyone, whining and complaining that in America things were so much better, in America she was old enough to make her own decisions, that she didn't have to listen to me because I was a Japanese Alpha and she was an American Were.

Right about then was when Siegfried had enough and went off on her. I honestly had no clue how fucked-up some of the Weres in other countries can be until he started rattling off how things would go if she was still in her "precious America" as he phrased it, as well as outlining how he'd be treated if he ever got it in his head to go back to Germany. Not only did Little Miss Rebecca Hopkins get a rude awakening, I managed to gain more of my own pard's trust; I'd almost started to think I might have to banish the German up until he snapped.

But things have all worked out. Kaiba Corp's running smoothly day and night, Dorobou and Yami have got their relationship worked out (for the most part, although I keep my ass in the boathouse with my Leopards when they start arguing), Yuugi's still breathing, my Cats are all healthy, and no one's tried to kill us in months.

And Hirutani's still out there somewhere. If he knows what's good for him, that's where he'll stay.

And that's all she wrote, folks. Avarice is finally finished. Hard to believe that the last update was a little under seven months ago, isn't it? ...okay, maybe not too hard to believe, given my track record with the muses here of late!

Anyway, this story is over and done with. I'm going to be starting on the next chapter-Endear-- shortly. After that comes the first and possibly only DotM chapter of the Endless Loop Saga... Route666.

No more on that until we start on it. Consider that a teaser.

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