Silver Blue
Part Two
by Desolate03

I believe I have made the biggest mistake of my life.

It sounds so melodramatic when put into context like that, but in actuality, it describes what I’m thinking quite nicely. I turn my head slightly and gaze on the frighteningly identical visage that is my... lover.


Elder vampire.

Selfish, arrogant, and now – my biggest mistake.

He is sleeping deeply; I can feel that it is still daylight outside. It will be dusk in an hour or so, and the night will follow. My powers are growing more rapidly now – I am nearly always awake now before the sun fully sets. His natural barriers are somewhat fragile when he sleeps. I smirk; I’ll have to let him knowÖ


Why did I have sex with him? It was a question I had asked myself over and over, even while committing the act. My ass was still slightly sore from the hasty penetration. However, I am a Master. The pain was nothing that I couldn’t handle. There were things that were even more painful that the brutal fucking I just took – and subsequently enjoyed.

There were things that were more a lot more painful –

Mai’s death is one of them.

And my owning up to being the Master of Domino City is another – but Mai’s death is more tragic than my cowardice. My – that is – Mutou’s Bakura was quite... distraught... for a moment, once he realized that Mai was now one of the ghosts that haunted my home. I felt it the moment they came from they entered the house, that she was no longer with the living.

I smirk to myself: talk about dedication to your job.

I am still a bit miffed over Bakura’s idiocy in returning to Tokyo to confront his father. However, the bastard is dead, and this is a good thing. After the peons of the Tokyo police lowered my IQ points a few notches with their asinine questioning and myÖfamily saving Bakura from getting jail time for dispatching his bastard of a father (I applaud him for that – but only when I know no one is watching), life settled down.

I have to say though, that last couple of months have been – nice – a little too nice and boring at times, but nice. My nightmares of... him have nearly stopped, but the increase of my power and the solidification of my being Master of Domino did not.

And now there is this.

I don’t know what prompted it – no, that’s a lie. I know exactly what prompted it. He has been gauging me for months, ever since that first human I had drained dry. I guess you could say he’s been courting me: bringing me live humans, from prisons of course, no innocents, and letting me feed until I was finished. It’s disgustingly sweet for him now that I think about it. However, I should’ve seen this coming a mile away.

One smile, one touch, one kiss – and then he is hastily removing my clothes, and I am removing his. Blistering pleasure and pain and blood, and then blessed silence and finally sleep. I shift slightly, and the arm around my waist tightens fractionally before easing once more.

He should be waking soon; the sun is nearly set. I feel my eyes narrow as I recall little things over the last couple of months. There have been letters coming to the house. I’ve paid them no mind; I have a business to run and a city to manage. What the hell do I need to see to a few letters for? Now I am not so sure I should’ve written them off – especially since Seth kept intercepting them and saying they were nothing more than pranks.

Though I’ve been sleeping with him, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. I feel lips on the side of my neck and pleasure course through me. He knows how to arouse me, and he is very good at it, quite good indeed.

“You are thinking hard too Seto,” he chides me. I roll my eyes and snort.

“I have important things to think about, or have you forgotten who makes all the money around here?” Seth chuckles and moves so that he is lying on his back and I am straddling him. He watches me through those dark blue eyes and I can feel him trying to wiggle his way past my natural barriers. I arch an eyebrow at him, my lips lifting into a smirk as I pushed him from my mind. His eyes widen – I don’t think he’s expecting that – and then he laughs.

“You are stronger – a lot stronger – than the months before.” I watch him closely. Did I imagined the slight angry inflection? I don’t think so, but I’ll keep my suspicions to myself for now.

He leans up and kisses me softly, and I let him. I let him roll me onto my back, and I let him fuck me again. I let him get away with the thoughts that he had me and that I am his.

But as I stand here now in the shower and listen to him leave the room, I know that this mistake that I’ve made will cost me dearly in the future. I don’t know when it will cost me – or what I will have to pay – but it will be much.

I wash quickly, dress even faster and make my way to my office. My family is safely within these walls. I can feel the ghosts clamoring for Bakura’s attention, and I hear Mokuba’s laughter. All is well for now, and I will make sure it stays that way for as long as I am able.

I open the door to my office and the phone rings; right on schedule. “Kaiba,” I say into the phone and immerse myself in my daily life.