About Apollymi (Eternal SailorM, Katherine Bell)

Hi! I guess you've found your way here because you're either really bored or you're a wee bit obsessed with the Angel. ^.^;; In that case, I almost hope it's the former and not the latter. Well, either way, this is where you can find a little information on me and what I've been up to till now.

Apollymi (December 2008) - Taken by Apollymi

1) How did you come up with your pen name?
[Apollymi]: Where did I come up with Apollymi? There's a very simple answer to this: Sherrilyn Kenyon. I was quickly intrigued by the idea of her character, Apollymi, so much so that it became my new journal username. When I came to the realization I needed a new writing nom de plume, I went with what I had again, and I've stayed with it even though my interest in Sherrilyn Kenyon novels has dwindled.
[Eternal SailorM]: I wish I had some elaborate story behind "Eternal SailorM". Honestly, I was being a little fangirl (that happens often) and was trying to make a Hotmail account for Eternal Sailormoon, but I ran out of room and had to settle for eternal_sailorm. When I started posting my fanfiction on the original Fanfic.net, I realized I needed a pen name. I turned to my Hotmail account name. Sometimes I regret it a bit; no one seems to be able to realize that it's "Eternal SailorM" and not "Eternal Sailor Moon". ^.^;; I guess I got what I wanted in the long run.

2) Where do you get your inspiration?
I think that inspiration comes from everything around you. It just takes an open mind and a willingness to look around and see what can be seen. More specifically, I get a lot of my inspiration from different songs or events going on in my own life. I read a lot and that gets me thinking about all sorts of things as well. But honestly, I think all writers have to be just a bit crazy, as leaving themselves open for ideas can leave you exhausted and maybe a little psychotic.

3)Are you a published author?
I can finally say "yes" to this! My first series, The Preterhumans, was released by Cacoethes Publishing. However, that publisher seems to have gone under, so I am now selling The Preterhumans through Lulu.com. I am also considering another novel or series for a second publisher.

I also have one short story published in a local competition, as well as several poems on a more nationwide scale.

4) Do you write anything other than fanfiction?
Most definitely!! My former co-workers used to joke that you can never find me without a pen and paper; it's always in my purse, in my pocket, or in my jacket. I'm constantly at work on something, be an essay, a fanfiction, a poem, or one of my novels.

5) Where did the Sango picture go?
Errr... somehow I should have seen this one coming. The Sango picture came down because too many people were direct-linking to it and therefore eating my bandwidth. No one was willing to reimburse me for the transfer they were using - and donations aren't exactly rolling in - so any image that was being hot-linked to had to come down.

6) Are you still writing fanfiction?
Yes and no. I have plans to finish any stories that are marked as in progress on Spells, but I can't say for certain when that will be done. You will note that as of April 2008, a new anime story has been started.


On-line Name: Apollymi, Eternal SailorM, Angel Maxwell, Li, JitaZ
Real Name: Katherine Bell
Age: 33
Birthday: February 22
Sign: Pisces
HP House: Slytherin
Height: 171cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Websites: DarkMagick.net, Apollymi's Grimoire, Never Say Goodbye, Bohème Amies, Katherine Bell, and Ellie Hicks


Movies: "The Princess Bride", Lord of the Rings trilogy, original Star Wars trilogy
TV: NCIS, Supernatural, CSI: New York, Poltergeist: The Legacy
Anime: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing, Get Backers, Slayers, Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters
Manga: Island, Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion, Get Backers, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: Duo Maxwell, Yami no Bakura, Kaiba Seto, Onime no Kyo
Book Series: The Dresden Files (JB), Diana Tregarde Investigations (ML), Wings of the Night (MS)
Authors: Jim Butcher, Mercedes Lackey, L.J. Smith, Maggie Shayne
Pairings: Duo/Heero, Dou/Usagi/Heero, Bakura/Kaiba, Kyo/Yuya, Giles/Buffy, Nine/Jack/Rose
Foods: yakisoba, miso soup, fettuccine Alfredo, tiramisu, paneer masaala, naan, potato soup
Bands: Meat Loaf, Within Temptation, Kamelot, Epica, Xandria, Nightwish (new line-up and old), Inkubus Sukkubus
Songs: "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" (Meat Loaf), "Beauty of the Beast" (Nightwish - old), "Amaranth" (Nightwish - new), "Ravenheart" (Xandria), "Ice Queen" (Within Temptation), "Mother of Light ~ A New Age Dawns II" (Epica), "The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)" (Kamelot & Epica), "The Mourning (Carry On)" (Kamelot)

A little history on me:

I got officially started anime in 1998 (I'm not counting Voltron and others I watched as a child). Like so many other people, I saw first exposed to anime through the dubs of Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z. My first thought was "This could be so much better if" -insert something- "was done differently." It wasn't long after that that I discovered on-line fanfiction. I'd been writing it for a while before then, mostly with MacGyver and Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, so it was easy for me to make the transition from sharing written works with my friends to posting anime fanfiction on-line, starting with The Never-Ending Crossover, which oddly enough has ended prematurely, and it's just gone on and on from there. (And, no, you're NOT going to see my early work. It stunk.)

I'm an avid fanfiction fan, so long as it's done well. I can't abide Mary Sues/Gary Stus, and I don't like seeing characterization forgotten to hook up two characters, which is my only major beef with the slash/yaoi community. I read from almost every genre of fanfiction, from drama to poetry, from romance to fantasy.

I live with my room-mate Katsuko and our three cats (Aya, Naruto, and Malik) in Florida.  We had two other kitty-children to pass away in recent years: my nine-year-old baby, Brujah, on 21 December 2004, and our sweet cuddle kitty, Biscuit, on 28 September 2006.

As of now, Katsuko and I try to hit at least one to two cons a year - and we're almost always at Dragon*Con -- funds permitting, of course. My interests have started turning towards science fiction and fantasy (especially novels), while Katsuko's have moved to Transformers, so we try to go with cons that represent both. Our other con of choice tends to be Necronomicon.